Welcome to Tra Noi, a website which we originally created to enable mainly Dutch speakers to get to know A Filetta. In the beginning (October 2007), the site consisted of only 6 pages, all in Dutch. Gradually, however, the site grew and grew and we expanded into four languages. You could say that Tra Noi is an out of control passion for sharing the wonderful music of A Filetta!

On our website you will find translations of the words and lyrics from many CDs, interviews with A Filetta, and some reviews, photos and videos. Future concert dates are regularly updated. You will find all the news we want to share with you at the bottom off this page. As soon as a new album comes out, you will be able to read about it on this page, and our linguists will start working on translations of the new songs and texts.

Tra Noi is created and updated by fans of A Filetta.  The official website of A Filetta is www.afiletta.com.

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A Filetta in Harderwijk, oktober 2016

A Filetta in Harderwijk

Laurent & Suzan Lohez

March 27, 2017

Are you traveling to Corsica this summer ? Lucky you, you will be able to attend an A Filetta concert. Both Castelli as A core Datu are scheduled several times, you can find the dates on the concerts-page.