A Filetta

A Filetta refers to the fern which grows all over the Island of Corsica. The fern is a symbol of the intimate relationship between the Corsicans and their island home: it is almost impossible to transplant a fern without damaging it.

The Beginning
October 1978, the Balagne.  After a meeting with Tumasgiu Nami, Michel Frassati decides to take the initiative and gather together Corsican singers. His goal is to protect the ancient vocal tradition of Corsican polyphony, which is at risk of being forgotten. A Filetta is born.

Under the leadership of Jean Claude Acquaviva, A Filetta has been singing an ode to Corsica for over 35 years. Using sacred music, secular Paghjella’s and new compositions influenced by great poets, A Filetta presents a very diverse repertoire.  The partnership between the singers, their music and their Corsican roots is clearly visible, even tangible, in their performances, unadorned, always pure, and from their hearts.

We present:

Maxime Vuillamier member of A Filetta since 1989
François Aragni member of A Filetta since 2013
Petr’Antò Casta member of A Filetta since 2017

Jean-Claude Acquaviva co-founder since 1978
Jean-Do Bianco member of A Filetta since 2019
Paul Giansily member of A Filetta since 1983

Terza signifies beauty; the singer with the highest voice
Seconda signifies wisdom; the singer who sings the melody in polyfony
Bassu signifies strenght; the singer whith the darkest ande deepest voice


photo: Armand Luciani


Without losing their connection with their Corsican background, A Filetta is forging many connections with musicians from all over the world: the Italians Paolo Fresu and Daniele di Bonaventura, Danyel Waro from the Island of Réunion, the Netherlands Wind Ensemble, the Lebanese singer Fadia Tom el Hage, the Georgian singing group “Les voix de Géorgie”, the Italian Conductus Ensemble, the Japanese percussion group Kodo.

A Filetta has performed in a children’s opera under the direction of Orlando Forioso and in three ballets from the talented choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. In collaboration with Bruno Coulais they have sung the music for several films: Le people migrateur, Comme un Aimant, Le Libertin, Himalaya l’enfance d’un chef, and Don Juan.  Each collaboration seems to be the beginning of a new road in which the Corsican roots remain deeply anchored.

Over the years A Filetta has received several awards, including the Grand Prix de l’Académie Charles Cros, for the album ‘Una tarra ci hè‘ in 1994 and for ‘Bracanà‘ in 2008.