Dutch TV-program march 2011 | Tra Noi april 2010

Interview Vrije Geluiden (Dutch TV program) march 2011

In celebration of the Cry, lament, pray and love toure with the Dutch Wind Ensemble, A Filetta was a guest on the Dutch music TV-program Vrije Geluiden. After singing four songs, Jean-Claude Acquaviva was invited to the table by Melchior Huurdeman for a short interview.

Interview april 2010, Hasselt

We’re joining A. Filetta on Friday, the 2nd of April, 2010, after a wonderful concert at the dinner table in the theater restaurant in Hasselt Belgium.

Tra Noi likes doing things differently, knowing that it is Jean-Claude who’s usually giving the interviews, with the others occasionally either agreeing or disagreeing, we asked each A Filetta-member one question.


New Caledonia

The soup is being served, José is across the table therefore he’ll be the first to answer our question.
Tra Noi: What is the most unusual place where you ever gave a concert, thinking of  churches, theaters, open air ?
José answers immediately, without doubt: “New Caledonia, in May 2009. (A Filetta was invited by a group from New Caledonia  that once joined the Rencontres in Calvi, ed), We were there for the 20th anniversary of the death of  Jean-Marie Tjibaou (politician and activist for independence, he and his comrade, Yeiwene Yeiwene, were murdered on May 4 1989, ed.)
We were greeted by a tribe, and for one week we lived with them, how they live; we slept all together in a shed, the atmosphere was relaxed,  isolated from the World, no telephone, no computer, simplicity, wonderful. The transition to the Dublin concert directly after was immense, a culture shock.”

Maxime is curious and attempts to read on our writing pad to see what his question will be.
Which collaboration brings you “warm” memories, and what made that collaboration so special ?
One of the makes a remark about “warm” memories, an inside joke, so as not to embarrass anyone, we don’t ask…
Maxime: “do you mean a memory for me or for the group ?”
Tra Noi: “for you personally with the group.”
Maxime answers without hesitation: “Bruno Coulais; we worked so intensely, it’s inevitable that you build a connection, you’ll need to be open with the other, and that happens, it is necessary to make the collaboration successful.
With Bruno, a friendship developed, he is my daughter’s godfather.

We asked Paul:
What is the strangest place that you have ever performed ?
Paul thinks for a moment before replying:  “that was a circus arena at the ‘Palais Nikaïa’ (stadium in Nice France, ed. )
It was a collaboration with Orlando Forioso, Bruno Coulais en Circus group “Gruss”, for the show: Lucio, le rêve de l’âne d’or.” Jean-Claude and Valérie agree. (this “circus-opera”,  Lucio, le rêve de l’âne d’or , was performed twice in July 2007, ed.)

Between soup and main course we turn to Jean.
If you had to choose only one A Filetta song, which song would you most prefer to sing ?
Jean replies immediately: “Medea!”
Tra Noi: “not an album, one song.”
Jean: “U Casticu, I love all the albums we have made, but Medea is the apotheosis, the chants bring so much harmony that we can get in trance singing Medea…
Medea represents the past, the present and the future.”

“U Casticu” (extrait de Medea) – Intantu



It is time for Jean-Luc, we ask him:
What is the weirdest memory you have with A Filettta ?
Before Jean-Luc can answer, Jean recalls a funny incident during their stay in Sweden, but that is more a pub story with the ingredients: candle, hairdo and slap, talking about that makes them all laugh out loud.
Jean-Luc thinks long and hard about the question, several anecdotes  appear to come to mind, he then answers: “Something strange happened in Morocco; we performed in Volubilis (an ancient excavated Roman city, ed.), the army was there during the concert, for general safety, the soldiers present were very busy, especially with listening to a soccer game on the radio, we could hear the game and the comments of the soldiers during our singing. That was quite distracting.

A very special experience was the concert in Norway; it was summer, our performance took place at midnight, and it was light. Very extraordinary.”

The plates are empty, the Belgian fries finished, and we turn to Ceccè to ask our next question:
What is your incentive to be with A Filetta, always on the road, often away from home and family ?
Ceccè answers with certainty in his voice: “Passion. Passion for A Filetta, passion for singing, for the atmosphere within the group, for traveling, for everything that A Filetta entails. Sometimes it’s hard, when I’m away I miss my family, but being with A Filetta makes it worth.”

We also have a question for Valérie:
Take us with you on your ideal A Filetta concert day.
Valérie starts laughing: “that is definately not the first (travel)day of a tour… but otherwise….”
We help here by asking what makes her happy, what does she do on concert day.
Valérie: “Most of the work lies in the preparation,  when we are actually on tour there is not much work for me to do, it’s not often that I have to organize something acute.
My ideal day would be minimal travel between the city’s where we perform, take it easy, take a look at the city where we are, and also take time to do some ‘homework’.
Voilà, that is my ideal day.”

Over coffee we have our last question for Jean-Claude:
Where would you ever want to perform with A Filetta, with no limits; the Acropolis, Vlieland, the Artic, the moon…
We see on Jean-Claude’s face that he’s making a trip in his mind: “An ancient Greek theater, and perform Medea there. I would like to perform someplace were nature is rough, Patagonia, Greenland, the poles, North, South, that doesn’t matter (meanwhile a very accurate immitation of applauding penguins is taking place). The desert, though that is too hot.  I would rather go to colder destinations.
You can always dream.”

Despite their weariness they are willing huddle up on our request, and  I’m surrounded by the seven singers for some pictures:

Na afloop van het interview in Hasselt

Then it’s time to go, sleep, dreaming good dreams…